About Us

Antithrombotic Trials Leadership and Steering Group (ATLAS Group)

Our Expertise

ATLAS is structured for maximum success, by examining all available options from a diverse panel of experts, and determining the best course of action for each trial.

ATLAS brings together Key Opinion Leaders from several institutions, and is managed by an ARO affiliated with the University of Colorado and a successful, global CRO; the result is a track record of exceptional performance and teamwork. ATLAS explores multiple expert opinions to find the best possible solution for each study.

  • Multiple diverse experience and opinions built into ATLAS structure – not bound to one opinion for marketing purposes, multiple options explored
  • Not bound to one university for gaining work – network of universities are engaged in ATLAS
  • Provides “One Stop Shopping” with multiple, diverse experts already trial experience on board to provide a comprehensive assessment from multiple viewpoints to find the best solution
  • Utilizes a non-profit, academic ARO managed by the University of Colorado to coordinate ATLAS members and manage trial committees and leadership combined with an experienced CRO for trial execution. Improved accountability across these dimensions
  • Not contractually bound to rely only on the opinion of ATLAS experts – can seek outside opinions if necessary
  • Provides fluid interactions with FDA/regulatory bodies to ensure constant communication and fast resolution of any problems
  • Enables multiple representation at regulatory meetings without any inherent bias
  • Ensures smooth interactions among its members, who originate from many diverse institutions, and have a proven history of successful collaboration